Catering, gifts, and
fun-raising Services

KCVSI does Event Catering -
We can deliver fresh Doc Popcorn in advance of your event, or we can be there on-site with our attractive and professional
Popcorn stands, Poppers, Warmers,
and Frozen Drink equipment.

We do all the work so you can just have fun.

We will Help you make your event successful:  
Office Parties, Business Events, Weddings, Graduation Parties, House Parties, and more.   The options are endless, from an elaborate popcorn bar, to popping at your site, to personal-sized bags, or for the more budget-minded, our 100 cup party bags that can be delivered or you simply pickup at our store.  If you already have a planner or caterer, have them call us.

Our customers include SMU, Samsung, Dallas City Hall, HMS, Staton Wholesale, Tenet Health, Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, Baylor Hospital, Centerplate at Dallas Convention Center, Parkland Hospital, and many others.

KCVSI does Concessions -
If you have an upcoming Craft Fair, Festival, or Other Special Event and would like to have us there to sell our amazing Popcorn and Frozen Drinks,

KCVSI does Gifts -
We know your individual needs are very specific, so we can create a wide variety of packaging options from personal-sized sealed bags, to gift tins of almost any design, to gift baskets or anything else you can think of!  We're ready to make it happen.

KCVSI does FUN-raising!
Let us help you to raise money for your organization.

Raise funds for your club, school or non-profit organization. Run a profitable FUN-raising campaign with our fresh, natural, and delicious Popcorn and see how people line up to purchase for your cause.  Make a difference and offer a delicious better-for-you product with a healthier profile that everyone will love!

KCVSI is a franchisee of Doc Popcorn, using unique flavor ingredients that other popcorn stores or pre-packaged brands simply do not and cannot offer.  
Our own proprietary blends have been created using high-quality ingredients that are free of trans fats, MSG, artificial colors and preservatives.  

We also use no artificial flavoring ingredients.  

We are on a mission to create a snack for you that is delicious, but also healthier...combining the freshest flavors with one of the most popular whole-grain snacks on the planet.  
Our popcorn is also naturally gluten-free.

Getting rid of the artificial ingredients (that other popcorn shops still use) also makes our popcorn taste fantastic!

To discuss and plan your onsite or pre-delivered catering,
or to discuss your specific needs and ideas with us:
Please contact Kellie at:   kellie@kcvsi.com      214-417-8431